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Is it time to upgrade or improve your Website?


How old is your website? How does it look on mobile devices? Does your current website still represent you and your business?

Technology changes, marketing changes and platforms change. This is a constant in the ever evolving online marketplace.

Your business also goes through constant change and growth (or it should be), it seems only logical that your website reflects that growth.

But who has the time? Like seriously, as long as you have a website there’s no hurry right?

Well, that depends.

4 Reasons You May Need a Redesign


Your services have changed


Your brand has changed


Your current site is outdated


Your current site isn’t mobile responsive

Beautiful Client Feedback

“Tammy has created 3 of my websites.

When I first started my business I just needed a basic website, a micro site but as my business expanded I needed something with a more sophisticated look and feel for my website and as always, Tammy delivered with flying colours.”

Mariann & Debra

Transformational Coaches, Joy To The Girl


  • Ideal for brand change or for giving your website a spruce up with new images, colours or fonts


  • Ideal for sites that aren’t set up for mobile phones or tablets

Why I’m different

Here at Pacific Virtual Support Services its all about connection.

So, if you feel like your website no longer connects to your purpose, growth or brand, it may be time for a complete redesign or at the very least, a bit of a facelift.

Each Re-design comes with a full 1hr planning session to get clear on the changes you want to make and why.

My Latest Work

Re-designs, One Page Websites and full website builds – Take a look at my most recent builds



Tammy is the Technical Director and CEO at Pacific Virtual Support Services.  With over 25 years of Customer Service and specialised client support experience, she is able to help new entrepreneurs put together the technical pieces of their business and make them all play nicely together.

She specialises in designing Elegantly Simple Websites for coaches, intuitives and healers who want to create a space of authenticity and connection in their business.

You can be assured that she is able to take the overwhelm out of getting started and implement the steps required to get your business up and running with ease.

You don't know what you don't know and trying to know it all or learn it all will only lead to overwhelm, stress and burnout.

Why go through that and remain stuck or in a holding pattern when I can help you figure it all out and put together a step by step process for whatever technical challenges you are experiencing in your business right now. 

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