Are you constantly busy but not feeling like your actually making a dent in your to-do list?

You might spend your days jumping from task to task, losing your train of thought or reacting to things that pop up at any given moment.

It happens right? Everything seems like it’s a priority and at the end of the day, your brain is still running over all the things you didn’t get done.

So much of our energy can be spent on all the things in all the wrong places at all the wrong times.

This describes me to a T about 6 months ago. I was completely overwhelmed with so much work to do and so many problems to solve, both for myself and my clients.

In the end, I fell into a month-long hole of stress, overwhelm and living in PJ’s every day of the week and ended up with Anemia and in the hospital getting blood transfusions so that I could go home and sit at my laptop for 12hrs a day 7 days a week.

NOT ideal!

I knew I had it in me to work hard, but what I needed to do was learn how to work smart!

I know that’s a big phrase thrown around out there in the online universe, but I’m a little stubborn and learning lessons the hard way is one of my less ideal traits.

This challenge prompted me into finding ways that I could address my productivity and efficiency in my business so that I could ensure I had some balance in my family life as well as my personal life.

I read articles, listened to podcasts and trolled Facebook posts to figure what would work best for me. It’s not enough to look for solutions, you also have to try them and if they don’t work, have the tenacity to move on to the next solution until you find your fit.

I found mine, and I wanted to share it in case it’s your fit and it’s able to help get you the independence your looking for in your life while allowing you the freedom to work less and spend more time with your family, friends and yourself.

Theme days are one totally easy and simple way to help you streamline all your to-dos by getting you to block out entire days and dedicate them to one specific type of task.

I use an App by the name of Trello. It’s been a lifesaver in terms of keeping all my information and ideas in one place where I can access them from my phone, tablet or desktop.

Trello is like an online Whiteboard with digital post-it notes. You can find out more about Trello in my ‘Hello Trello’ blog post.

I have a master list board where I keep track of everything in my life and have sectioned out my theme days using coloured labels. You can see the example in the image at the top of this blog post.

Here’s how I’ve themed out my days:
Mondays – Planning – Yellow
Tuesdays – Client Work – Blue
Wednesday – Content Creation – Orange
Thursday – Client Work – Blue
Friday – Catch up – Green
Saturday – Family/Home – Red
Sunday – Home/Planning – Red and Yellow

I’m able to spread all my to-dos out over a week and ensure that I’m working in only one are at a time and not flipping between too many tasks.

This has really helped with my overwhelm, know that even though I have a heap of client work on being able to delegate two days a week to my clients means I’m only taking and making calls on those days and I can spread the work over that two day period and have Friday up my sleeve for anything I need to finish off.

This helps with my clients as well. I’m able to give them a specific timeframe that work will be completed and a specific date that they need to get the information to me so I am able to get it locked into my schedule.

How has it changed my life?

I’m no longer stressed about all the work I have on my plate. At the end of my working day, I know that everything I need to get done that week has been compartmentalised.

Some days I actually don’t have a lot of stuff to do and this allows me to tap into my creativity and come up with new ideas without the clutter of everything else I need to get too.

That’s it for me today, I’m off to write more blog posts for you because it’s content creation day today 🙂

If you LOVED this possibility of getting yourself organised, here are a few resources that may help.

Trello (FREE) – Sign up using this link (disclaimer – this is an affiliate link if you use it join I’ll receive a free month of Gold membership).

Smart Passive Income Podcast Interview with Mark Vardy

Mark Vardy – The Productivitiest

If you want some help sorting through themes for your scheduling or setting up your own Master to-do list on Trello, feel free to email me at or leave me a message.

How do you stay organised?
Leave a comment and share your wisdom. Like everything in life, one size does not fit all.