Claim back your time from your business to-do’s and bring more family time, you time or play time back into your life.

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If you don’t like Tech, why continue to struggle through it?

How many more wasted hours are you willing to give up trying to figure out how to build a Website yourself, or trying to set up all the accounts you need to get your business started.

How would you prefer to be spending those hours instead?

At Pacific Virtual Support Services I am BIG on keeping life simple.

I understand the demands on your time, energy and focus both in your business and your life.

No one wants to be chained to their desk 12 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Independence and Freedom may have been a couple of the reasons you started your business, but hows that working for you right now?

If your like some of my clients, you’ll be wondering what the hell you got yourself into.  My aim is to be a source of support for both you and your business.

None of us are an Island. We all need the support of people who believe in us and what we are trying to do.

Which is what’s brought you here today.

Technical Support is just the tip of the Iceberg here. My role isn’t JUST to get all the parts of your business to play nice, I also focus on helping you simplify, streamline and automate your business, allowing a better flow in your life overall.

I can help talk through ideas and come up with a strategy, then implement that strategy so you are able to move forward in your business or take some time to spend with your family.

One of my goals is to keep you working in your Zone of Joyfulness and creativity without the stress of working out what pieces fit where.

I will be your biggest cheerleader and will hold space for you when shit goes ass up.

So the question now is, are you ready to ask for and receive the support you need and deserve?

If you answered ‘HELL YESS!’ Let’s get you booked in for a free consultation and see how and where we can start freeing up your time so you can focus on things you love.


Word Press

WordPress Divi Themes

– WordPress fixes
– WordPress Updates
– Plugin and Theme updates
– Load new Headers, Sliders and Logos
– Installing tracking codes for Google analytics or Facebook Pixels
– New Plugin Installs
– Uploading content including text, images, videos and other media files
– Blog editing and formatting

Email Management

Mailerlite & Mailchimp

– Account set up
– Loading new opt-ins
– Creating new lists
– Integration with your Website
– Newsletter creation and management
– Automated Sequences
– Sign up form and Landing page creation

Social Media Management

– Schedule your posts as per your instructions on your accounts (hoot suite, Grum, Post Planner, Buffer)
– Create branded Meme’s
– Create branded Facebook group posts for promotions, theme days and special events

Account Set Ups

– Social account set ups, Profiles and Cover uploads
– Email Capture service account set ups (Mailchimp and Malierlite)
– Booking system account set ups
– Payment system account set ups

Client Feedback

“Initially when I contacted Tammy I was feeling overwhelmed with the tasks ahead, nervous about how to communicate with potential clients on what I could offer and unsure of where begin. She helped make me confident with my product, and the delivery online. Vicky Schutt

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Tammy is the Technical Director and CEO at Pacific Virtual Support Services.  With over 25 years of Customer Service and specialised client support experience, she is able to help new entrepreneurs put together the technical pieces of their business and make them all play nicely together.

She specialises in designing Elegantly Simple Websites for coaches, intuitives and healers who want to create a space of authenticity and connection in their business.

You can be assured that she is able to take the overwhelm out of getting started and implement the steps required to get your business up and running with ease.

You don't know what you don't know and trying to know it all or learn it all will only lead to overwhelm, stress and burnout.

Why go through that and remain stuck or in a holding pattern when I can help you figure it all out and put together a step by step process for whatever technical challenges you are experiencing in your business right now. 

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