When you have to do it yourself but need help

Together we can move mountains but let’s start with your Technical Challenges


Want to learn how to manage the tech in your business?

Ha, most will answer NO!

Not many of us feel the want, but many do however feel the need.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You need a website or to set up a marketing funnel.  You google ‘how to blah blah’, then spend hours upon hours researching and trying things out.

You end the day with 50 tabs open in your browser and your suddenly aware your watching cute cats, or dogs, doing all sorts of whacky things.

Then you sign up to another course that you never finish and after a month or five your still no closer to finishing that opt-in funnel or the website is still sitting at “Just another WordPress Website”

Longggg sigh.

Don’t beat yourself up lovely. We’ve all been there.

It doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to feel like your climbing that particular mountain alone.

How would you feel if you could:


– Learn what you need when you need it

– Learn at a pace that suits you

– Learn on your own unique accounts, platforms and systems

– Have someone by your side guiding you through it all

– Refer back to a video walkthrough, staring you, whenever you need

Self Management Training that allows you to:

– Make mistakes in a non judgemental environment
– Break and fix things on the fly
– Ask questions (there are never any stupid questions)
– Start where your at
– Get feedback on the spot
– Build your self-confidence
– Test and tweak

Training Feedback

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what my clients are saying!

I had an insightful tech session with Tammy. For a start I am a bit of a technophobe but she made it fun and easy to understand. I now feel a lot more confident and inspired when using Mailchimp. Her warmth and friendly approach makes you feel at ease. Thank you so much for sharing your gift Tammy xx

Hannah Dudley


How to add and edit pages, posts, images, text

How to maintain your own website

How to change and customise your fonts, colour palettes and default settings

How to schedule and add blog posts

Newsletter Generation

MailChimp and Mailerlite Only

How to set up an account and what you need to provide before you start

How to set up a list

How to set up, send and schedule a newsletter

How to upload a current subscriber list

How to build an automated sequence

Build sign up forms, landing pages and pop-ups

Booking System - Acuity Only

How to sign up for an account

How to set up your availability

How to set up appointment types

How to block out times, days and weeks in your appointment schedule

How to set up a questionnaire or form for your bookings

How to add payment options (only available with paid version)


Website Planning Session

Your Website Purpose



Design Layout to suit your Website Purpose

Step by step implementation plan


Tammy is the Technical Director and CEO at Pacific Virtual Support Services.  With over 25 years of Customer Service and specialised client support experience, she is able to help new entrepreneurs put together the technical pieces of their business and make them all play nicely together.

She specialises in designing Elegantly Simple Websites for coaches, intuitives and healers who want to create a space of authenticity and connection in their business.

You can be assured that she is able to take the overwhelm out of getting started and implement the steps required to get your business up and running with ease.

You don't know what you don't know and trying to know it all or learn it all will only lead to overwhelm, stress and burnout.

Why go through that and remain stuck or in a holding pattern when I can help you figure it all out and put together a step by step process for whatever technical challenges you are experiencing in your business right now. 

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