What can you expect?



What can you expect?


Redesign Case Study

Oz toy was a 15 yr old site that was in desperate need of an upgrade.

It wasn’t mobile responsive and had a lot of clip art and old images.  There were services on the site which were no longer available and changes in the business weren’t being reflected in the current site.

I have two small children so I was able to use my motherly shopping habits to set up a simple, updated site that now reflected their business and their love for what they do.

I have been maintaining the website on behalf of my clients as they are much older and did not want to have to deal with anything that required updating.

I included minimal plugins and a very basic set up to ensure it was easy to grow or change in the future.



Most Recent Builds

One of the Coaches at Joy To the Girl is a long time client.  She was the first person I ever built a website for outside of my own.

We had recently completed her most current website when she advised that she was going into partnership with another lady that I know and that they wanted to build on the WIX platform.

I don’t normally build on Wix as I find the platform to clunky but I was able to set their new site up without too many headaches.

They did also purchase hosting for the site so as to be able to add specific functions to their business that the free version doesn’t offer.

“Tammy has created 3 of my websites.  She intuitively has the ability to see your vision and bring it to life.

Each of my websites had a different vibe and for each, she was able to give me exactly what I needed and what I had envisioned.

When I first started my business I just needed a basic website, a micro-site but as my business expanded I needed something with a more sophisticated look and feel for my website and as always, Tammy delivered with flying colours.

If you want your website to actually reflect your business to your clients and potential clients take action now, don’t wait, tap on the link and hire Tammy now.”

Debra Bowen and Mariann Moore – Transformational Coaches 
Joy To The Girl

Most Recent Builds

This client was looking to build her first Website for her brand sparkling new coaching business.

We went with WordPress and using the Divi Theme we were able to capture the exact look she was hoping for.

She chose her colours and we started matching her images and font colours to ensure it gave her the look she felt represented her personal and business objectives.

This is a classic example of one of my Website Start-Up Packages

In Progress

The Joy of Learning has been an absolute Joy to work on and I can’t wait till Julianne set’s it free on the world.

The fact that teachers like her exist in the world who are willing to utilise alternate ways of trying to help our children to learn just amazes me.

The site isn’t live, yet, but Julieanne has given me permission to use it as an example of my current work for others to see how connecting your business with a purpose can really help the design of your Website.

This site was designed on WordPress using Divi and Julieanne has been able to use it without as much overwhelm as she first thought.

I had been very disillusioned by a previous experience with a different website builder. So much so I didn’t even launch it.  I then even signed up for a “build your own website” course….didn’t finish it. I felt that the elusive website was destined to be just a wish or dream, or perhaps just too much trouble at all. “I’d get by without one” (I told myself), all the time knowing what an asset it would be to my business to have one.

I can’t begin to tell you how much that has changed. I am so thrilled to have now found Tammy. She is friendly, supportive, passionate and professional about her work and her clients.

I am quite technologically challenged. There was no need to worry. Tammy did all that side of things for me. She is in it with you. She listened to my requests and ideas I desired to convey. I was appreciative that she took the time to get a sense of who I was and the energy and message I would like my website to convey. She then effortlessly brought it all together. I’m so thrilled to now have my new website.

Not only does she make the whole process pain free, it was actually enjoyable. She built a beautiful and functional site for me. Tammy was patient and responsive to my questions and any changes I desired. The website build is even followed up with training enabling you to make changes and edit it yourself later if you require.

This purchase was excellent value and a wonderful asset to my business.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Tammy and her services to anyone looking to have a website built. You will end up with a beautiful website, aligned to you, that has everything you require, without the overwhelm, stress, endless hours of work or frustration.

I’ll gladly be hiring Tammy to do other work for me. She is brilliant & quick at what she does and offers great value for money……and, it also means, I can best use my time and energy more wisely, on the things I AM good at and enjoy doing within my business.

Julieanne 💋 xx
The Joy of Learning



Tammy is the Technical Director and CEO at Pacific Virtual Support Services.  With over 25 years of Customer Service and specialised client support experience, she is able to help new entrepreneurs put together the technical pieces of their business and make them all play nicely together.

She specialises in designing Elegantly Simple Websites for coaches, intuitives and healers who want to create a space of authenticity and connection in their business.

You can be assured that she is able to take the overwhelm out of getting started and implement the steps required to get your business up and running with ease.

You don't know what you don't know and trying to know it all or learn it all will only lead to overwhelm, stress and burnout.

Why go through that and remain stuck or in a holding pattern when I can help you figure it all out and put together a step by step process for whatever technical challenges you are experiencing in your business right now. 

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