What is a One Page Website?  It’s probably easier to list how they are used

Here are a few examples of the types of ways you can utilise a One Page Website:
– Landing Page for Opt-ins, freebies or Newsletter Sign Ups
– Your current website is under construction or is being re-designed
– Resume’s, Portfolios and Freelance profiles
– Limited Products or Limited Services for a small business
– An online Business Card

In an age where Social Media is king or Queen, scrolling through newsfeeds are a normal part of our lives. For this reason alone, a One-Pager is an ideal way to connect with mobile users and gives them an experience they are used to.  The whole scrolling thing that we do in Social media feeds is the same action performed on a One-page site and for mobile users, this makes life easier for them to consume your limited content.

If a One Page site feels like the ideal solution for your business at this time, here are a few things to consider in preparation for the process.

Every Website, no matter how many pages, needs a purpose. What’s yours?

I’m not just talking about whether it’s going to be a Portfolio or a Sales Page, I’m also talking about the User Experience that visitors will have, the journey you are going to take them on and the end result of that journey.

Figuring out the full purpose of your Site will help you to build the content you need.

Rather than pages, the One Page Website sections off what would normally be included on a full Website.

These sections need to flow from one into the other.

The number of sections you need vs the number of sections you want should flow from one action to another

Content & Images
Less is more. Every piece of content, every image has to have meaning within the Flow of the site.  This really helps you get very clear on your messaging and branding for your One Page Site.

Calls To Action
Again, the message for you is super focused & super relevant.

A one Page Website could be an affordable solution for a coach, intuitive or healer who doesn’t have the budget or content required for a normal multipage Site.

Want to discuss whether this type of site is the right solution for your business?

Contact me with your questions via email at info@pacificvacollective.com or book a free 20min consultation and let’s figure out the best solution for you and your business.