Kia Ora, Hello and Welcome to Pacific Virtual Support Services

My name’s Tammy and I’m so glad you’ve come to visit.

I work with struggling, new, heart-centred and passion-driven women who:
– want to launch their business website but have no idea where to start, what they need or who to seek help from
– are time poor and looking for affordable outsourcing solutions because they realise they can’t do it all
– struggle with putting all the pieces together in their business and sticking to a plan of action

Your here because:
– You’ve been through a major challenge and come out the other end
– You want to help others to work through their own similar challenges
– You’re ready to combine your experience and knowledge to help others transform their lives

You are so in the right place and I am so happy that you are here!

I get where you’re at right now.

It’s not as simple as the gurus can sometimes make it out to be.

It’s been over 10yrs since I started my first online venture. This was in a day and age when a website took a degree and where My Space was still a ‘thing’.

Over those 10yrs I’ve learnt a thing or two, but it wasn’t easy and it was far from simple.

I struggled with the technology and how to put it all together, I especially struggled with building a website and at the time couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it for me.

I had a number of blogs and an affiliate marketing business each and every time I had to build a funnel, email sequence or a website I was constantly in overwhelm.

After I lost my grandmother back in 2011, who was the only mother I knew, I completely gave up trying to make this online thing work. It was too much to cope with and I was spiralling into depression from my loss.

I attended a Mind, Body & Spirit festival here in Melbourne and came into contact with a ‘Life Coach’, which is the only coaching label that there was at the time and thus began my journey back to finding myself.

I’ve since had support from a number of coaches, intuitives and healers over the years which inspired me to look into becoming a coach. I got my certification and started my new business with gusto.

I found that this time around it was much easier to integrate the technology required to get my business off the ground and during that period of learning, I connected to an Intuitive reader by the name of Debra Bowen.

One reading with her and I could see how my life was going to start changing for the positive. After our reading, she asked what I was going to do with the rest of my day and I casually told her I was in the middle of building my WordPress website for my new coaching business.

This one conversation is what led to me becoming a Virtual Assistant by Divine Intervention.

I re-built her website from scratch and performed a few other tasks for her that I had learnt through setting up my own business.

I knew I still needed ongoing coaching in different areas of my life so I started to barter my technical skills in return for coaching and after months of doing this, I fell in love with all the processes and systems but most of all, the women that I was able to work with.

After almost 3 years, my belief in what I do and who I work with has grown into a full-blown business.

After giving up initially on my own businesses, partly because of losing my grandmother and partly because of the overwhelm I was experiencing online, I am now passionate about being able to simplify the process for others so they don’t get to the point where they are so overwhelmed that they give up on it all.

25 plus years of working in the customer service industry I knew my purpose was to be of service.

Technology has allowed me to accomplish this and I feel like I am able to contribute to the world in my own unique way.


Tammy is the Technical Director and CEO at Pacific Virtual Support Services.  With over 25 years of Customer Service and specialised client support experience, she is able to help new entrepreneurs put together the technical pieces of their business and make them all play nicely together.

She specialises in designing Elegantly Simple Websites for coaches, intuitives and healers who want to create a space of authenticity and connection in their business.

You can be assured that she is able to take the overwhelm out of getting started and implement the steps required to get your business up and running with ease.

You don't know what you don't know and trying to know it all or learn it all will only lead to overwhelm, stress and burnout.

Why go through that and remain stuck or in a holding pattern when I can help you figure it all out and put together a step by step process for whatever technical challenges you are experiencing in your business right now. 

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