I don’t ‘get‘ twitter, but I want to have a decent following when I finally do ‘get‘ it so that I can utilize it when I’m ready and not have to worry about building it up first.

Let’s face it, there are so many platforms we can use that sometimes we get caught up in trying to not only use them all but also learn them all.

Almost every social media or blog post I’ve read starts off with saying ‘focus on one platform’ which is seriously the best way to do it, but, if you’re just not built that way, or can’t decide where to start first, then start with 2 and make one as simple as possible.

I mainly focus on Facebook groups and Instagram, but I do have twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Linkedin.

To combat my need to not feel like I’m missing out, I also allow a little time on twitter to do a few simple things that have and keep growing my account following.

These are:
1 – Follow people who are small to medium influences in your market and follow the people who follow them

Most people when they get a notification that someone has followed them will just follow back. All your doing is getting those people onto your account.  Try just following 5 a week.

2 – When someone follows you, follow them back then re-tweet one of their tweets and write a separate thank you tweet to them.

I find that whenever I do this, I get thank yous back and I get more people following me.

3 – Don’t use an automated system to start off with

Because all your doing is following, following back, retweeting and thanking people, you want it to come across as being personal, if you not going to be posting regularly on Twitter, this easy 3 step method is a good way for people to connect to you.

I don’t get hundreds of followers a day, but I do get 10-20 a week and this allows me to personalise my thank you tweets to them and gives your account that ‘I’m not a bot‘ feel that so many have.

How long does this normally take me? Well, like I said, I get about 10-20 followers a week and I’m only on Twitter a couple of times a week.

I will normally only connect with 5 new followers at a time, so it really only takes me 5min to go through those steps.

Simple, quick and easy and you’re growing your growing your account without having to come up with content all the time.

That’s it for today. My hope that you are able to get some value from this post.

I would love for you to follow me on twitter and I will, of course, follow, thank and retweet one of your tweets in return 🙂

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